The third digital arts festival is starting

For a third year running the National Academy of Art (NAA) will be a host to artists from around the world working in the field of digital arts. The DA Fest is an international event that acquaints the Bulgarian public with recent trends and major achievements in the digital arts, among them digital video, interactive performance and installation, net art and sound art.

This year’s edition will take place from 12th to 16th September at various venues of the National Academy of Art in Sofia, on 1 Shipka Street. As before, it will showcase contemporary digital-arts research, technologies and practices in an intensive five-day programme that includes an exhibition, performances, film screenings, presentations and workshops.

The festival’s opening ceremony will take place at 6 pm on 12th September at the Academy Gallery, where the hosts will welcome the guests and will kick off with a concert/performance of the Finnish band Cleaning Women and a performance of the Bulgarian artist Venelin Shurelov. An exhibition will be opened on the same day presenting works of the world-famous artists Arno Fabre (France), Andreas Muxel (Austria), Andy Graydon (USA/Germany), Gabi Schillig (Germany), Nika Oblak and Priloz Novak (Slovenia), as well as pieces by NAA students. Among the highlights in the Performances programme will be the gripping musical and dance acts of Hans Tammen (USA) and Tzeni Argyriou (Greece).

The festival’s new edition will give the audience a chance to get to know the art of some of the best artists globally in the field of digital art. More than 40 participants from seven countries will take part. This year’s Film programme is focused on students’ projects and includes works of 32 artists from 11 countries.

The DA Fest has already established itself as a centre for the life of young people in Sofia. By participating, they are given an opportunity to take part in the workshops and in the programme, which includes a films and individual performances, as well as volunteering opportunities.

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