About Festival

DA Fest is an international festival, organized by the National Academy of Art, presenting new trends and important achievements in the fields of digital arts to the Bulgarian audience – digital video, interactive performance and installation, net art, sound art and other.

The festival aims to create a beneficial environment for culture and education in the field of digital arts, building a platform for dialog among artists, students, researchers, teachers and critics, working in this field.

More than 70 artists and theoreticians from twelve countries took part in the past two festival editions in 2009 and 2010. The varied programme of the festival brings together distinguished artists from the international art scene and gives unique chance to the local audience to see their projects and meet them in person. Besides the participants who visit Sofia, the event has large number of distance participation through the festival’s film screening programme. You can find more information and video documentation from the past festival editions at Archive section.  

The successful realization of the past two festival editions turns the National Academy of Art into a scene for one of the most emblematic autumn events in Sofia, expected with interest from its devoted and increasing audience. 

The third festival edition will take place from 12–16 September, 2011, in various locations at the central venue of the Art Academy on 1 Shipka str. DA Fest 2011 will showcase contemporary artistic research, practices, and technologies in the field of digital arts once again in varied five-days programme including exhibition, performances, film screenings, workshops, and lectures.

Festival Team 2011
Galina Dimitrova-Dimova, Svetoslav Kokalov, Venelin Shurelov

Galina Dimitrova-Dimova

Techinal organisation
Venelin Shurelov

Technical assistance
Vladimir Karaivanov

PR & communication
Didi Spasova

Vassil Yovchev

Nikoleta Boncheva

Web programming

Video documentation/live streaming

Dr. Maybe Darling

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