Practising on Stage Dilemma’s
Practising on Stage Dilemma’s
Workshop on Real time performing decisions.
led by Tzeni Argyriou
Four days of group work | One real time open structured performance
12-15.09.2011, 11:00 – 15:00, Studio 56, NAA, 1 Shipka str.
Performance - presentation of the workshop: 15.09.2011, 19:00-20:00

The workshop is drawing on the thematic material of the performance ‘Dr.Maybe Darling” and addresses the objective and the subjective elements that influence our Decisions.

Different problems-dilemmas-decisions |
Different people and cultures |
Different social and political conditions, will be our Facts to Re-examine “Spontaneity” and “Authenticity”.

We will explore improvisation associating the decision criteria both as an individual and as a member of a group in (a) a common space, real or digital and (b) a common time real or ideal. The use of technological tools will be exclusively applied for the materials that happen live and with real time processing.

Through simple instructions we will consider questions such:
What is the process of mind when you improvise? What does teamwork and collaboration mean? How do I act and how do I abstain in a group improvisation? How conscious are these decisions? Can I Act and Observe at the same time? How do I avoid preconceived ideas, self-censorship and narcissism? How to practice myself so that body, technology, time and space are unified and shape a creation on the spot?

‘Practising on stage dilemma’s’ is addressed to individuals that seek to engage creatively with a group in a public performance. Making performance, Performing and making, creating with the unknown dilemmas that improvisation imposes.

Performers, programmers, musicians, visual artists, lighting designers and people that flirt with the idea are welcome to take part.