Мan еx Machina
Мan еx Machina
Venelin Shurelov (Bulgaria)
Мan еx Machina
12.09.2011, 19:00, Akademia Gallery

Man ex Machina is a chamber theatrical work, a mix of an installation, а performance and a lecture. It deals with the interactions between man and technologies, which provoke the creation of various hybrid creatures. These supernatural, spectacular creatures set the boundaries between the human and the technological, the natural-born and the manufactured, fact and fiction. Such is the protagonist – a complex eclectic object that includes new technologies and old mechanisms, the artist's body and sophisticated electronics. What are the fantasies of a cyborg? How does the technological materialises human longings? How a human being creates itself and then destroys itself in the fantastic space of the technological?
The man from the machine (Man ex Machina), just like Deus ex Machina in the theatre of Ancient Greece, is the figure that's fit to answer these questions.
Man ex Machina is a subject built on the metaphor human-pseudohuman and regarded through the socialisation and theatricalisation of the doppelgänger motif.

Idea, text, protagonist, set design: Venelin Shurelov
Music atmosphere: Sibin Vasilev
3-D animation: Yosif Bozhilov
Video editing: Martin Penev, Venelin Shurelov
Set manufacturing and props: Borislav "Bucky" Tonev, Venelin Shurelov
Voice: Venelin Shurelov, Elena Kabasakalova

Special thanks to Elitsa Georgieva, Boyan Ivanov, Tanya Sokolova, Rumyana Dimitrova, Nikolay Yordanov
The project was made possible with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture.
The project is part of the application of the City of Varna for the European Capital of Culture 2019 competition and is supported under the Creative Projects programme of the Varna Municipality.