Getting Started Resolume Workshop
Getting Started Resolume Workshop
From zero to hero. No experience required.
led by Joris de Jong, Resolume team (NL)
14.09.2011, 11:00 – 17:00, Computer hall, NAA, 1 Shipka str.
Presentation of workshop results:  16.09.2011, 20:30 – 22:00, Academy inner yard

This workshop teaches you all you need to know to start VJ'ing with Resolume Avenue. We go over what does what in the interface, and show you the best ways to use it. Starting with the basics on how to load and trigger clips, you'll be compositing multiple videos, applying realtime effects and using live cameras in no time. First hand knowledge from the developers themselves will make sure you'll pick up a few things even the pros don't know about. The focus will be on practical knowledge and skills, and we'll show you how to best prepare your footage, how to connect to a projector, and before the day is over, you'll be VJ'ing on the big screen yourself!