Dr. Maybe Darling
Dr. Maybe Darling

We are at Dr. Maybe Darling” Lab, when she begins giving a lecture on the challenging issue of the decision-making process but as it proceeds, Dr. Darling is confronted with conflicting opinions of scientific and other nature. Her need to get answers on unresolved problems, leads her on a trip inside her brain. She names her brain “Maybe”. She is the scientist and the guinea pig at the same time.

“Dr. Maybe Darling” is a performance that combines image, movement, speech and technology. Video (live feed and pre-recorded material) and speech (live and pre-recorded) are constantly in a dialogue with the performer while there are necessary elements for the continuation of the story. At first speech, information and thoughts are the most noticed elements, then the system breaks down and body takes the first role. Thematically the performance explores whether the way we make decisions is directly affected by the seemingly million but truly limited choices contemporary society imposes. Audience members are optionally asked to take part in the research (on the decision-making process) by filling in a questionnaire.

Participants / Cast:
Conceived / Created / Performed by Tzeni Argyriou
Performing Alter Ego: Siamou Stavroula
Video: Sotiriou Lila
Concept Assistance: Siamou Stavroula, Varsami Andromahi
Original music and live processing: Poulios Giorgos
Lighting: Mihopoulos Thodoros
Stage and Costume design: Delidimos Christos, Makarouni Despoina
Video coordination: Tsagarakis Panos
BRAINTRACE software: Makris Nikos
Assistant producer: Argyriou Maria
Graphic design: Antidot design Studio
Translation: Anna Iakovidou

The performance also includes interviews by:
Kouvelas Ilias – Emeritus Professor at the School of Medicine,
Baltas Aristidis – Professor of Philosophy of Science,
Tzavaras Thanassis -  Psychiatrist / Psychoanalyst.