Video Mapping on Stairs
Video Mapping on Stairs

Master's programme in photography at the National Academy of Arts
Central building of NAA, stairs between 2nd and 3rd floor

The presentation of video mapping on the stairs is a challenge for the graduate students. The group has united behind working with Video art in an effort to realise the ideas of our imagination, apparently the product of everyday life and environment. The stairs and the actions associated with them—ascending, descending and so on—make us project imaginary images onto the existing screen.

Kameliya Magunska -- Concentrated Hypnotic Circles
Hypnotic, ever-concentrating black-and-white circles that turn round and round. Inspired by Marcel Duchamp and his Anemic Cinema, here the sudden coloration brings their substance to the fore in something that's more or less a joke with these recurring rotations. The colour counters the movement, balancing the idea about a subsequent cycle.

Velina Kokalova -- Heart In
Heartbeat is music. There are whole tones, half-tones, quarter tones, eighth tones and so on. People do not even suspect what influence heartbeat has on the human psyche and material life. The hearts of all the people are linked to the common heart rate of Cosmos—that is, with the cosmic heart. In that sense, there's one rhythm in nature... So far science has accepted that the human blood is in constant motion, which causes the heart to work. In fact, the heart, as a physical organ, does not have the power to pump arterial blood around the body. The reason behind heart rate is due to the life-carrying cosmic electricity and magnetism. The human heart makes 72 beats per minute, but if you happen to be on Venus, there your heart would beat twice as fast. Heart rate is faster there.

Vanya Bozheva -- The New Divas
My take on the musical revolution in 2011. A remark to Francis Bacon.
They—the divas; they—as a symbol; they—as absence... The "new divas" = the "new people". Our private world, through their eyes; my comparisons through their eyes. The pictures of an artist being equal to the "pictures" of some divas. Pop, rap, R&B, commerce, abstraction... Their works, seen as shocking, absurd, grotesque, nightmarish shapes and storylines. And in the words of Francis Bacon, "An artist's most important work is to deepen the mystery", these "new divas" turn our world into a world of interwoven secrets, wondrous caresses and mystery. And sex sells, they say...

Elena Tsvyatkova — A Journey to Knowledge
The idea behind my video is an experiment about how I can give form to my feelings and momentary states by using the world around me. The idea came to me by accident. I wanted to use my camera as a player. I plugged it into the TV set, and then I saw these strange images appear on the screen. In combination with the music of Jean-Michel Jarre, they acquire a new meaning. They come across as an interpretation of the inner thoughts about my own life; and for me, life is defined as a road to be walked in which there are ups and downs. During this "journey" numerous questions arise: from the constant question about the meaning of life to whether also others have got through the secrets of life and if they have fear from its power, the power of infinity and the unknown, power that remains even after the end of your "journey".

Boris Yanev — B. Yanev's... Labour's Lost
- To labour...
- To the success of labour...
- To the failure of labour...
- To the meaning...
- To pointlessness...
- To me and you...

Ivona Nacheva — Art Eater
The project seeks to communicate that art is an "endangered species" and that we eat it day after day...

Leda Vaneva — Annihilating Stroll
A short look at the aggressive incursion into an environment. On the one hand, this is only a rapid passage; on the other, it is smashing up, annihilation, silence. It is the question about the various points of view that has come about in a couple of winks’ time.

Lilyana Karadzhova — Head Game
About the narcissist self-annihilation of clones