Victor Vilceanu (Romania) Soothsayer in stones, 0:36
My stop motion movie is about a story of Mircea Eliade. An old man can guess in stones and when he was walking on the sea side looking for stones, a young man have seen him. After that, the old man is telling to the younger one a story that becomes true. In that story the young man meets the old man's daughter.

Student at L'ecole superieure des beaux arts de Grenoble, France 2008- 2011 Graduated the National University of Fine Arts, Bucharest, Graphic Departement 2004- 2008 Highschool of fine arts “ Nicolae Tonitza”, Bucharest, Romania Awards: 2010 First prix for poster, 4Ward 2009 Grand prix for graphics “Gh. Naum”, Bacau, Romania 2007 Second prix, " The master and the apprentice" Rusciori, Romania 2007 Diploma of Merit “N.Tonitza” 2006 First prix CNCAN 45 years, “The atom for peace”, Bucharest, Romania 2006 Diploma of Merit from UNICEF, Guiness Book with the longest painted canvas. 2006 United States Embassy, Bucharest, taking part at flag day. 2003 The prize for originality and creativity “ Cervantes et Shakespeare”, British Council, Bucharest, Romania.