IGEN – vol. 2
IGEN – vol. 2
Interactive AV installation

If the Audience is what keeps a work of art alive, we ask ourselves: Does the subjective interpretation of a work of art change this work of art?

This project is a documentary experiment that the team of ARTNOMADIKA uses in an effort to create, together with the audience, a unique “interpretation generator” of artworks, inspired by the main locations of the festival.

The installation includes auditory pictures and projected collages on which the festival’s guests comment with a word or a phrase using a computer keyboard and, as a result, changing some of their values. The ensuing audiovisual atmospheres are exhibited in the space they have originated from, and by participating visitors are able to generate the real-time associations provoked in his predecessors. The project relies on the participants, who leave their own mark on the foundations we have laid.

Project concept and installation design: Tsveta Bogdanova
Photography: Velina Kokalova
Software: Simeon Yanchev
Sound: Milen Yordanov
Digital image processing: Tsveta Bogdanova, Velina Kokalova
Sound recording: Atanas Ilchev
Text interpretations: the audience